Thursday, February 7

Where are this woman's pajamas?

I haven't been a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez's in a long while. I believe that she has become a sold-out, plasticized, diva-ed, better-than-thou version of herself. She is no longer the cooler chick of Out of Sight, The Wedding Planner and On the 6. Given that, I don't believe that anyone should be as miserable as she seems to be in this picture here. Word is that she's pregnant with twins. And here she is at a huge event last night, working the red carpet, when she should really be at home relaxing. However, I love that we finally have an unguarded image of her looking like an actual woman. Hey everyone! Check her out! J. Lo. is a real person!

Also in today's news, it's looking like John McCain, the senator from Arizona, will be the Republican party's nominee for the presidency. The Internets is telling me that Mitt Romney, that guy from Massachusetts who seems to be denying everything that is Massachusetts, will be suspending his campaign for the presidency today. That just leaves John (I'll assume the familiarity since he called me twice the other day at my home) and Mike Huckabee, the only man who could possibly bring Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Conan O'Brien to blows, in a race for the nomination. Quite seriously, I believe that Romney is sitting back right now because he knows he'll lose the nomination and he doesn't want to fork out any more money. Which is good business, really. Who knew that running for president would cost so much? Now he can go back to being a Republican former governor of an overwhelmingly blue state. "Jeez, guys, I'm sorry I went and stumped all about everything you all despise. I'm back now, though. You want to hire me for some speaking engagements?"

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Your podium is in the toilet at the left.