Sunday, February 17

We got it on Blu-Ray, savvy?

So we watched our first movie in the high-definition Blu-Ray format tonight. Gotta tell ya, I couldn't tell the difference all that much. Maybe it was the movie, or perhaps just that my expectations were that high, but I'm going to come away from this experience a bit disappointed. And that's saying a lot, being that the movie was one of my faves, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. I suppose there could have been some bits that may have been clearer than our original movie, but really, who can tell. I've been very leery about buying any movies in Blu-Ray. (Brian's PlayStation 3 is a Blu-Ray player.) Remember that the whole "which is better HD DVD or Blu-Ray?" technology tug of war is still in the middle stages. I keep telling Brian that I don't want to buy any of the special DVDs until we know which technology will come out on top. I refuse for us to have the Betamax, if you know what I'm saying. I don't want to spend money on a technology that will be utterly and completely obsolete two weeks after I get it home. Why I caved today is anyone's guess, but we came home with three movies in that format. I've also added the Blu-Ray format as an option on our Netflix queue, though I don't have anything on the queue for that right now, as the wait for the Blu-Ray movies is much longer than for the standard format.


pocketless 8th grader said...

I have a stupid question - You have a HD TV set right and you are using the hdmi connection out of the blu-ray player? If not, I can understand why you couldn't tell the difference.

Also, video (just like audio) is at the mercy of the way it is mastered. Ever wondered how some CDs sound so much better than others? Obviously it's not the CD technology itself, but the person who mastered the CD.

Take something that is animated by pixar and check it out on bluray. If it isn't stunning there is something wrong with your setup.

Lastly, your wish was granted about the format war. Toshiba just pulled out this morning. Bluray won. Google Toshiba HDVD in google news.

Kimmie G said...

I love that you would first ask how well we put the thing together. Yeah, it's set up properly: HD TV, HDMI connection. I had wondered if there was a difference in the way that the movie may have been filmed, i.e., HD shows are filmed with different cameras than regular shows. I had wondered if the movies are needing that, too. I would assume so. Brian had been told to check out "Cars" as our first sample on the Blu-Ray, but we thought that "Pirates" would be better. So now with your suggestion, I think we'll take a turn that way.
Thank you, dear!