Wednesday, February 6

Flower, pretty

ITEM!: My Internets is all messed up tonight, putting me in a pissy mood. Brian tells me it's because of all the other yahoos hitchhiking on our signal that we can't block. This is a subtle but constant jab from my spouse, who believes that if I had a PC like he did, we'd be able to password protect our signal and no one would be able to use it. I like my Apple. Though I'd rather have an iMac at this point in my life. The notebook's battery doesn't even hold a charge for five minutes now. I'll be off to my Apple store to replace it sometime soon. Until then, I'll be sitting at my desk with the computer. A subtle but constant reminder to myself that I should really have an iMac instead anyway.
ITEM!: I was glad to hear today that Heath Ledger's death was an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. I would rather his daughter grow up knowing that he hadn't meant to leave her. I imagine that this also makes the mourning process by his friends and family easier, alleviating any guilt a suicide would give them.
ITEM!: For the past few months, my cell phone has been developing this weird kind of corrosion, but not really, on the battery nodes where the power cord plugs in. It's a blue kind of chalky residue. It's hard to explain. Anyway, I've been able to bypass the corrosion by cleaning the area with some alcohol, scraping the corrosion off, and finessing the power cord in. The past couple weeks I've been meaning to get into the AT&T store. Tonight, the plug officially isn't working, the phone can't get power, and I'm irritated enough to make a plan to visit AT&T tomorrow.
ITEM!: John McCain called my house twice yesterday, telling me how much he was going to change and improve the United States, and and how important it is for me to vote. Sweet of him to be looking out for me, but a.) I'm not a registered voter in Arizona; b.) I don't vote Republican, no matter who it is; and c.) I'm wondering why my federal do-not-call list registration doesn't seem to apply to the federal government.

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pocketless 8th grader said...

You forgot to read the fine print on the do-not call registry. See, the people who wrote that put a clause in there that allows politicians to call you with reckless abandon since they write the laws and you don't. I kind of like my phone calls from Arnold. I just find it amusing to hear his thick accent on my answering machine.