Monday, January 26

We like apples. We want to grow apples

Sydney and I started ... let's call it ... an extended life experiment.
We planted apple seeds in a little pot full of soil, with the intention of growing an apple tree.
Here's the plan: Once the seeds sprout and get too large for the little pot, we'll move them into a larger pot, then a larger pot. At some point, of course, the tree will have to be planted in actual ground, but until then, we intend to pamper our little tree with a whole lot of love.
As of now, the seeds are in a little pot on Sydney's bathroom window sill. It'll get sunshine all day there, as well as the humidity when she's in the bath. I'm watering it a little every day, so it knows it has a constant supply of water. We're telling it that it's an amazing little apple tree seed, and that it will be very happy with us, if it would only go ahead and sprout.
I confess to being super excited about how this will play out. I really, really, really hope that we get some leaves and a sprout in the next couple weeks. That's how long it should take, right? I don't even know. I did zero research on this project. We'll see how it goes, I guess.

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