Monday, January 26

These aren't working as well as I want

I waited 10 long business days until my new reading glasses arrived, and when they did, they came with a fancy new side effect: headaches. it took me a few days to make the correlation, but once I did, it made sense. I picked up my glasses on Thursday last week. That first night, I knew they didn't feel exactly right, but I convinced myself that I just needed to get used to them. Well, over the weekend, I realized that I had an awful headache at the end of each day, and that these headaches were turning me into a bad person.
Today, I chose to try my day's activities without the new glasses, and instead wore the 0.75 readers that I bought online a couple weeks ago. While there is still some pull in my left eye, the headache is not there. I wonder what would happen if I rolled with the 0.50 readers again. I'm going to order a pair off Amazon again, and see how that goes. Because in all honesty, I'd rather have some blurry stuff than have headaches and not want to read or type or anything.
I'll be taking my prescriptions to the eye doctor tomorrow to see what they can do about them. If they want to charge me to make any changes, I may have to just hang on to them until my eyes get that bad. This is super frustrating, because the glasses were okay, and I was okay with wearing them. But this experience has proved to be more irritating than I like. I want my old glasses back.

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