Saturday, January 10

The picture is not my plant, obvs

In a distressing turn of events, the spathiphyllums in my house are not dealing well with the winter. I have two such plants, each in a different room. The one in my bedroom always did well, but has been unhappy of late, giving me all kinds of brown leaves. I had thought that maybe it was because of the cold, since it sits near the window, but even after I moved it farther into the room, it continues to sicken. It seems that every two or three days, another stalk is officially dead and should be removed.
The same goes for the spath in my office. It actually is the remnants of the large spath I had downstairs and had to transfer into a smaller pot because of the brown leaves and dying stalks. So, this particular plant has had its issues for a while. I feel bad because in Houston, this particular plant had a gorgeous spot by the window, got some nice all-day sunshine, and enjoyed the humidity. Here, not so much.
I'm quickly coming to grips with the realization that spaths maybe don't belong in the desert. I've got so many other plants that are doing very well here. It seems that this is the only type that's struggling. (From what I just read, these plants thrive in humid environments, of which Arizona is not.)
I guess I'll just toss them and pick up something else. Something that doesn't require a whole ton of sunshine, but a lot of ambient light, and likes to be near windows. I love having plants (at least two) in every room, and to say goodbye to these two will indeed be sad for me, especially since they've been with me for so long.

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