Saturday, January 3

Plus, she knows she's always the favorite

I enjoy how confident I am that having one child was the best decision for me. But I tire of answering a stranger's questions about it.
All this is because I went to a baby shower today, and as conversation rolls around children at these events, I had to tell several people that yes, I only have the one child, and that it's because I chose that. In truth, I don't know if, having had the past to do over, I would do anything different, because anything different would certainly impact my relationship with Sydney, for better or worse, and I like it just fine the way it is right now. She and I are best friends and partners in crime, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
And it's important that other new moms know that having one child is a wonderfully valid thing to do, and they shouldn't be pressured into having more for any reason other than that they want to.
Poor Kristen doesn't even have this baby out of the womb and there was talk of the children that would follow. I made it known that having one child was fine, too. In all things, it's important to make the decision that is best for yourself. And deciding on whether to have children, and/or how many children, is an intensely personal one. I'm intrigued by people who think that they can have an opinion that matters on someone else's choices there.
Having an only child is not a popular choice, but it's one that should be respected. I get tired of people asking me why I chose to have only one, and irritated at their presumptuousness in asking me to explain my decision. I don't ask why they chose to have three, or two, or five. It's not my business.
One child is wonderful, and no one should ever have to explain that.

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