Thursday, January 29

Perplex me, the line makes itself known

So I've discovered a thing on my face. I call it the Perplexion Line.
It's a wrinkle, and it sits right in between my eyebrows, but actually just the slightest bit closer to my right eyebrow. It's almost perfectly vertical and about a quarter of an inch long. I have decided that I quite enjoy the little guy. He makes me smile.
Because what else I've also noticed is that when I bring my eyebrows together, like when I'm PERPLEXED by my child or husband, the line becomes incredibly prominent. It's there, and there's no denying it. Like I said though, I quite like it, so won't be doing anything about it anytime soon.
Honestly, you wouldn't believe how many pictures I took of my forehead, brows and eyes, trying to capture the thing. Photography tip: The zoom of a small wrinkle, when making your eyes incredibly big on the screen, is creepy as hell to look at. I couldn't bring myself to post any of the pics, because they were just weird. The wrinkly dog is much better.

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