Friday, January 30

It was a chocolate shake, but still yummy

Brian and I had a lovely date day today. It was rainy and gross out, but we made our way down to the ESPN Super Bowl FanFest anyway, and wandered around there a bit. We saw them filming SportsCenter, and watched the radio shows with Colin Cowherd, and Scott Van Pelt.
Since the parking lot where they built the ESPN installation was still unfinished, we ended up spending our morning hopping over puddles and avoiding the mud. Still, it was super fun, and we got to see plenty of ESPN people.
Also, they had a wicked huge merchandise shop there. We saw all kinds of awesomeness, and I found a hat that I really, really want. There were jerseys, t-shirts, hats, scarves, and all kinds of other nifty things. What I loved was that all the merchandise for both the Seahawks and patriots were exactly the same, but for the colors and logos. Designs, fabric, the whole smash, was identical, except for the teams represented. It was really pretty sweet, when you see that we're all so alike, except for the team we're rooting for.
Having said that, I really want that hat.
Also, we had a nice lunch where we sat next to each other, and really did share a milkshake.

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