Monday, January 19

I am woman, damn it. I can build shit

When it comes to my household, I am typically the person who does all the handy work around the place, does all the random projects, and fixes what can be fixed. Accidentally locked the bathroom door from the outside? Screwdriver. Power outage? Fuse box, because I am the one who knows where it is. Light bulbs out in the chandelier over the stairs? Umbrella handle stretches and pulls the lamp over. Unlockable slider downstairs? Broom handle cut to fit and brilliantly tied to the wall.
So it came as a surprise to me today when my daughter expressed snarfs and sighs and non-encouraging statements at me as I put together the curio cabinet we bought at Ikea the other day. I dealt with repeated queries as to waiting for Brian before putting it together; condescending exclamations of how much progress I was making; wonder as to if I'd get it done that afternoon; and my personal favorite, after I dropped a piece of hardware onto a glass sheet that did not break, "You broke it? I wouldn't be surprised." I was practicing crazy patience, but that comment was my last straw.
I'm like, "Excuse me? Slow your roll, child. I am perfectly capable of performing a large number of projects, without Daddy's help, without your help, and, believe it or not, without your commentary. I don't know why you seem to think I'm unable to do these things, but you just sit back and remember who does the fixing, building and problem solving in this house before you get all like, mom can't do anything right. I don't need your comments and observations while I am building this, which, by the way, I'm doing by myself and well. So you just sit there, and if you don't have something nice to say, be quiet."
I've always prided myself on being able to problem solve my house, family, friends, and life. That she would question my ability to do that is insulting to the highest degree. I was sure to point out to her when I was done that I finished my project, and that I did it on my own, and even had to "fix" a couple things that hadn't worked out as they should have. I'm having a crisis of confidence with this -- not within myself, but for her. Why would she have so little confidence in me? F*ckin' insulting.

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