Saturday, January 31

A lovely little bear that wears boots

We used a Fandango gift card for our trip to the movies today. It was lovely, of course, to be gifted such a thing. I have to tell you though, this particular online ticket purchase is a racket. I will assume that all of the movie ticket purchasing options do the same thing, but this was annoying. A "convenience fee" of $3.70 was added to my ticket purchase. I find the convenience of that to be most irritating. It's not "convenient" to pay more money for tickets. It's a racket, as I said.
We saw the movie, Paddington. The reviews of the movie were horrible, but we don't really listen to them. Kids' movies are always a gamble when it comes to humor. This one had a couple moments here and there, but more times than not, Brian and I rolled our eyes. Sydney of course, loved it. This is totally the point, and I know this, but it's always a better time when the kid movies amuse the adults, as well. [Editor's note: My popcorn was super yummy.]
A bunch of years ago, I used to have a Paddington Bear bear. He was purchased in London, awesomely, and had the whole smash going on: red hat, blue jacket, note around his neck, boots. My gripe with the movie was that the bear didn't have the boots. They showed his little bear feet a whole bunch of times, but never had him get his little red Wellies. His little feet got super wet and super dirty, but still no boots.
I don't have that bear anymore, which is a drag. Though come to think of it, the Paddington Bear is a bear, and not a dinosaur, so Sydney would probably not love it too terribly much anyway.

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