Tuesday, June 9

The old fart needs attention, and that's that

I've got Oliver on my mind.
1.) His knee and leg are still bothering him, in that he still is limping and he's still not putting all his weight on the leg. We've started going on short walks, but I think I'll stop for a while again, because he had a hard time today, and I ended up carrying him part of the way to the mailbox and most of the way home.
2.) It's time for a second opinion. I like his current vet, but their distance is giving me fits lately, their medicine prices are becoming difficult to deal with, and I really just don't know if I like it there anymore. I really liked the doctor that we saw for his teeth cleaning at the other vet's office last year, so I'll be calling them for an appointment. I just want a full-body check from someone who hasn't already diagnosed something. I need fresh eyes on him, and a different perspective. My stress levels about the old fart are increasing, and I need to put my mind at ease, at least a little bit. That'll happen with the no walking for a while and the second opinion, I know.
3.) He needs more glucosamine, and that is high on my priority list for tomorrow.
4.) The last few mornings, because I've been able to sleep in, have been pretty awesome. Brian's been bringing Oliver upstairs with him when he gets ready for work, and has been putting Ollie on the bed with me. So, happiest of all happies, I've been waking up to the feeling of my old man cuddling next to me, and even rolling over tummy side up, and snuggling. No kidding, waking up with that dog next to me puts me in a much better frame of mind to start my day.
5.) He needs a bath. Like, BADLY. And not a home bath, either. He needs a visit to the groomers. I can't wash him as thoroughly as they can, and I'm positive he's much more cooperative with them than he is with me.

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