Monday, June 1

Alumni mag, please validate me

I completely spaced on writing to my alumni magazine last month after the name snafu, and me being an "and Ms." instead of a full-fledged human being on the address listing. This month's magazine showed up this past weekend though, and this morning, I took care of the situation.

Good morning!
I received my [COLLEGE]
Magazine this weekend, and was dismayed to discover that I have been relegated to being an "And Ms." on the address listing. I don't mind sharing a [COLLEGE] Magazine with my husband, but I really didn't go to school, and work hard for my own alumni status there, so that I could be an "And Ms."
Would you do me the kindness of changing our address listing?
Currently, it is "Mr. and Ms. [NAME]."
I would better appreciate "Brian and Kimberly [NAME]," please.
Thank you so much for your help and time in fixing this!
Have a great day,
Alumni, class of '96

I figured this showed the proper amount of not-being-a-bitch, but also plenty of being-offended by it all. Let's see what kind of response I get.

30-MINUTES-LATER UPDATE: Because my school is awesome, and no doubt I'm not the first person who's complained, I have already gotten a response.
Hello Kimberly,
Thank you for contacting the [COLLEGE] Alumni Association.
We understand and would like to honor your wishes.
Would it be acceptable to you if we show the mailing label as noted below? We have to follow one of two formats (the Mr. and Ms. or the one below) and we hope this will be better suited for you.
Mr. Brian G.
Ms. Kimberly G.

Please let us know.
Thank you!
[AWESOME COLLEGE] Alumni Association
I have already replied that yes, this would be fine, and thank you for taking care of it for me. I feel better now.
... Case closed, and mischief managed. ...
Now, if Brian wants a "Dr." he's going to have to take care of that himself.

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