Saturday, May 2

They didn't get any of OUR money

There is something to be said for being a cheapskate sometimes. Tonight, in the glare and razzle dazzle of the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather fight, Brian and I faced a conundrum. We had discussed days and weeks ago that we would not buy the fight to watch. We were fine with that. But tonight, with all the glitz and glamor, we began to vacillate. Should we pay the money to watch it?
All I can remember is the last fight we bought on pay-per-view, and the fact that it was over super quickly, and that we were pissed for paying $50 for it. And this fight tonight was a $100 charge to our cable bill. We continued to list the pros and cons. Eventually, our cons won out, and we chose to hang out on ESPN and listen to their updates after every round.
And we're super glad that we did. First of all, the guy we wanted to win, didn't. Secondly, it seemed like it was a pretty boring fight, with minimal action and amazingness. And thirdly, it was over in what, like an hour? That's a lot of money to spend for an hour of unamazing television.
The best part of the entire night was Brian saying this: "Thank you for not letting me buy that fight. I'd be pissed right now if we spent that money on it."
Looks like I'm the winner now!

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