Monday, May 4

They are my heart, as big as a galaxy

I made the mistake of watching a whole bunch of videos of my baby when she was a baby today, and it's made me all kinds of melancholy for when she was so wee. Such an adorable little face she had, and the cutest little voice. She was so delicious to hug and cuddle with. Now, she's all growing up and about to be done with third grade. She's so fantastic, and is growing into an amazing little girl (still great to cuddle with, too). But my goodness, I miss the little baby.
Speaking of babies growing up, Oliver has had a rough couple weeks. A visit to the vet two weeks ago confirmed a possible ligament tear in his left rear knee. He's been struggling around the house, though he's doing so much better with every day that goes by. The vet suggested surgery, of course, but with his age, Brian and I are very hesitant. She said that he was already in better shape than most other dogs with tears, so with limited activity and pain medications, he should heal up okay, and just deal with some arthritis at some point. We're working on it, and he's doing better, as I said.
But I found out about a joint supplement today that had a whole ton of positive testimonials, and offered a free month's trial online. All the stories I read were almost exactly what we've been dealing with in regards to Oliver's joint issues, minus the knee situation. He takes glucosamine every day, but this supplement may do better than what we're already doing. So, I ordered the one-month free trial. I know the knee is the main issue here, but I feel like he's having a hard time also because he's sleeping so much on the hard floors downstairs, and he's just achy, you know?
The supplement doesn't include anything that will be bad for him, so it's really a win-win for a month. If it works, fantastic, we've got a new thing to make his life more comfortable. If it doesn't, we've only spent the $5 for shipping. I'm really hoping that it does everything for him that it's done for the other dogs I read about. I hate that he's having a hard time getting around.

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