Tuesday, May 26

There's s'more to life than not-great Oreos

You all know how Mom and I are about weird Oreo flavors. So today's discovery (photo left) in Target was ripe for the picking. And pick them we did.
And we also tried them. I've got to tell you, this particular Oreo is a weird bird. First of all, it's a graham-flavored cookie, with marshmallow-flavored cream, and suspect chocolate. As for the taste of it ... well, it didn't taste bad, but also, there was nothing good about it. It was, if there is such a thing, an anti-climactic Oreo cookie. I can't praise it, and I can't pan it. It is what it is.
Would I recommend you all go out and buy some? I'm gonna say no. Spend the money on actual s'mores ingredients, and enjoy the experience and product of your labors. These are the most milquetoast Oreos ever.
Are you planning to ignore me? Fine. On the upside, the package is significantly smaller than a normal Oreo package, so you'll feel better about throwing away fewer cookies that you won't eat.

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