Monday, May 18

See? You CAN teach an old dog

I'm reading the last of my books in my To-Be-Read Pile, and I'm super excited. It's that time of year, of course, when television ends for the summer, and it's all about movies, books and general outside-of-television entertainments. I've got a list of bookish things I'd like to accomplish, courtesy of my local library.

Okay, you guys, I just took a 20-minute break from this post to mess around on the library web site, and, as Andrea assumed, it was super easy to navigate, request specific books, and basically make myself at home. So, I've got five books on request right now. Three are pending, which I imagine means that it's a matter of a day or two before it gets to my local branch, and the other two are "active" which means that I'm on a waiting list. Which is super okay, since I'm just excited to dig in to what I've got coming to me.
This summer, I have decided, will be the summer of Scot Harvath, the SEAL/secret service/black ops guy that popped forth from Brad Thor's imagination in The Lions of Lucerne, and who stars in the following several sequels. I've decided that I really like Thor's writing style, and since Lions intrigued me, I shall follow it through.
Also, I want to dig in to funny ladies, by reading Amy Poehler's book, and Minday Kaling's. I never got to them in the bookstore, and now I'll get them, by supporting my local library!
I'll also pick up a couple other tomes and give them a chance. What I love most about this library thing, is that I can give the book an opportunity to intrigue me, but if I don't like it, I can return it with no guilt or loss to my bank account. Honestly, my peeps, this is the best thing ever, and I'm a complete idiot for not implementing it into my life sooner.
Like, really. I'm a dolt.

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