Sunday, May 31

It's the last day of May ... RHYMING

Well, tomorrow is the first day of summer camp! Yay!
My kid gets to be entertained and educated by something not Minecraft, and I get my day to myself. I have little to no idea what I will do with the generous time afforded to me, but rest assured, it will not get wasted. Or, you know, if it does get wasted, it's because that is absolutely what I wanted to do with it.
As far as the kid's summer camps are concerned, I'm pretty happy with what we've got planned for the season. There are a couple of weeks where I'd like to add something, certainly, but as a whole, I think the summer is going to be okay.
As for Sydney, she's super excited to go to camp tomorrow. We're getting up earlier than normal, so I've set my alarm, and she's left me a note to remember to wake her up.

Additional notes on my Sunday: 1.) I did the bad, and picked the scab off my thumb. Sure, it's more likely to scar now, but it doesn't itch anymore, and that's more important. 2.) We spent some time at the pool this afternoon, and I'm reminded how lovely it would be to have a swimming pool in our own backyard. I don't mind sharing, but it's nicer to be able to come and go to the water better and more freely. 3.) I played a 2-person mission on Brian's Splinter Cell game with him tonight. Sadly, my inability to learn finger movements different from Lego games was cause for my death, multiple times. I was able to follow and hide though, so it was a successful campaign for our scary, stealthy, military dudes. 4.) It's time to change the watering schedule in the backyard. It's getting hotter, and that means watering every day for shorter times rather than scheduled days for longer times. That'll go on the agenda for tomorrow. 5.) June begins in a couple hours.

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