Tuesday, May 12

Didn't he fade into obscurity?

I'm no fan of Jay Leno. I never have been. I've never thought he was funny, and always got the impression that he was an ass. Hearing about the "late-night wars" did nothing to dissuade me from thinking that. Dave Letterman always came off as an ass, too, but was always honest and snarky about it. Leno always came off as a true asshole.
And then, he left The Tonight Show. And all was well. But then, Jimmy Fallon had to have him on as a guest for some reason. I watched the first 30 seconds of the segment, and then fast forwarded through the interview because his attitude and smug smiles bugged me. And then Craig Ferguson ended his show, and had Leno on as a guest on the last episode. On that show, Leno bemoaned the "late-night wars," and commended Ferguson for never buying into them.
It struck me, during that particular interview, that the only person who seemed like a dick, or who perpetuated the late-night wars, was Leno himself. He didn't have a single nice thing to say about anyone or anything, and continued smiling smugly and acting like he is/was all that. I disliked Leno before, but that segment on Ferguson cemented my sincere irritation with him in all ways.
On television right now, Letterman is beginning his swan song for his show, and is enjoying his last couple weeks of awesome guests before signing off the air. I read a piece online this morning about how Letterman thinks that Leno "probably won't" be guesting on his show before he leaves it. My comment for that article: Why would he want Leno to guest on his show? Leno is a snarky, asshat who does nothing for late night in this day and age. If you look at all the current late-night hosts out there, you'll see that they're young, having fun, and respect each other for what they do. There is no public tension among them. They seem to enjoy what they do, and enjoy a friendly competition and camaraderie.
Jay Leno is the antithesis of that. I'm bothered as to why these guys feel like they need to pay homage to him. Dave Letterman has all the prestige and praise of a legend behind him as he sails off into the sunset. He doesn't need to sully any of his final shows with Leno's dickery. I'd be happier if Letterman never even invited Leno onto the show, but that the "interview" won't happen at all will have to do.
Go away, Jay Leno. You're bugging me.

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