Sunday, November 9

Mondays are the best!

Is it wrong that sometimes the only thought that gets me through my Sundays is that I will be home alone on Monday?
I love my daughter, and she thinks that I serve no other purpose than to entertain her when she decides I should. This is irritating to the extreme, because I am not allowed to bother her with anything when she's involved in other things, but she holds no such respect for me and my activities. When she sidles up to me, all sweet and cuddly, all I can do is internally cringe and wait for it, and then it comes: "I'm bored. What should we do right now?"
I love my husband, and he likes arguing with me at Costco, making for a very quiet and avoidance-laden afternoon. I'm not sorry; we just didn't need a cookie press.
I love television, and it's even better when I get to be in charge of what I'm watching.
Tomorrow is gonna be awesome.

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