Sunday, November 2

It's just corn and sugar, people. Jeez

Sure, it's been "autumn" for a few weeks now, but today is the first day that I was able to feel it, as it is the first day since May that my air conditioner has not flipped on. There's something so pure and refreshing about having the windows open all day, and not being uncomfortable.
Sydney and I spent the morning doing exactly what you should do on a glorious fall day, we went to the zoo. The animals there were enjoying the day, as well. The Mexican wolf pack was wandering around. The javelinas were enjoying the breeze. We also saw movement from the tiger, orangutan, siamang, warthogs, goats, donkey, elephant, jaguar and tortoises.
I love wandering the zoo with my kid. She spends about as much time staring at the animals as I do, which is just enough, and she's perfectly happy having no path or agenda. Give her a bag of kettle corn, and she's a content little girl.
Which segues to my issue with the zoo. The large kettle corn bag, which is the only size a person can buy at the zoo now, is $7.99. With tax, the kettle corn costs $8.65. This is, without a doubt, a horrendous amount of money to pay for a single bag of kettle corn.
The additional problem with the cost of the kettle corn is the obvious fact that I still buy it. As does pretty much every other parent in the zoo. Almost every child is walking around with a handful of kettle corn. Have I complained to the zoo? No. What's their impetus to change the cost? They sell a BUTTLOAD of it at the price it is now. What I need is a place that makes good kettle corn, and won't charge me almost $9 for it, so it's not such a novelty at the zoo. What I need is a daughter who can get through a day at the zoo without the kettle corn.

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