Tuesday, November 11

It's all one level; right?

Something else that's interesting: I'm trying a new hormone birth control pill combination.
Over the last couple years, my gynecologist has been trying to lower my estrogen levels via a shift in my birth control pill dosage. She wants to lower my levels because I'm older, and because the reduction lowers my risk of cancer. All good things, but last year, when we tried lowering my dosage by half, I went a little emotionally insane. Granted, it also was right around the time that Daisy died, and my insanity was peak anyway. But I insisted on going back to my regular pills, which I did, and all seemed to normal out for me (aside from the crippling despair of losing Daisy).
It's been a year, and the doctor had a new strategy: Instead of starting with a low dosage, and then cutting the estrogen gradually throughout the month until I reach the week of my period, as regular pills do, I have pills at a lower dose but the same level of estrogen every day all month long. Does that make sense? I feel like it might.
I'm in the first week, on day four of my mono-pills, and so far, I think I'm pretty normal. Of course, a month will tell the difference as to my mental and emotional health and well-being. So we shall call this Physically Aging Experiment: LOWER ESTROGEN EDITION. And we'll see how it goes.

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