Saturday, November 15

I win at shoelaces

We all know that there are a bunch of ways to tie shoes, right? Everyone learns a different method, but the fun is that the result is always the same. Brian and I set out to teach Sydney how to tie shoes this afternoon (please do not judge me for not having taught her this already), and it was an enlightening several minutes for me, too.
Apparently, and I had no idea about this until I started my lesson, but the way I tie shoes is too complex. This was told to me by Brian, who witnessed my first lesson and told me as much before he took over the job. It should be noted that Brian also doesn't know how to tie and untie double-knots. But my shoe-tying method was opted against, and Sydney was taught Brian's "simpler" version.
I don't know how long it's been since I sat and tied and untied shoes for an afternoon.
Also, I shall forever hold it in my head that my method of tying a shoe is smarter and far superior to Brian's.

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