Thursday, November 13

I should get better at remembering ideas

Damn. I had a topic for tonight earlier today, but now I can't remember it. I need to start having Siri remind me of the topics I think of throughout the day. Because right now, I'm at a loss.
ITEM!: Oliver had a check-up this morning, and happily, he is still in fantastic shape for a little doodle as old as he is. His cataracts are getting denser, and are impacting his vision now, though. During the day, and in the light, he probably sees well enough. But at night, or in the dark, his vision is compromised a lot, and he probably gets around more on memory than actual sight, according to the doc. (I wish he could talk to me. But anyway, looks like we're never moving!) The doctor was happy that we're giving him glucosamine every day, and that is probably why he gets around as well as he does, especially after the back tweaking a couple months ago.
It's important that the dog be okay, you know, because otherwise I'd be an inconsolable mess.
ITEM!: I cleaned out the deck box in the backyard this afternoon, tossing out all kinds of older and gross stuff. Who needs that many buckets? Honestly. I should figure out a central place to keep all my plant pots, too, as now they're separated into two different homes. Also, I have a whole passel of gardening gloves, and one single left glove, which amuses me.
ITEM!: There is a friend of mine that I follow on Instagram, and she's a natural foodie person. Everything she eats and feeds her kids is as all-natural as she can get, and she's a creative chef. I'm thinking of unfollowing her. She doesn't know it, but she's food-shaming me, and I'm getting thisclose to being totally over it. Today was a tofu stir fry with almond butter, soy, ginger sauce. Also, she made a parsley pumpkin agave vinaigrette. I'm embarrassed that I can't cook worth a damn, and she makes me feel really bad about myself. But maybe more than anything, I get mad that she's got the discretionary income to go the grocery store and buy all this batty stuff. I'm like, really? Spinach, arugula, goat cheese and red quinoa salad with grilled chicken or salmon? Who does this?!

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