Sunday, November 30

Are you ready for some December?

ITEM!: I just tried to fast forward through a commercial on a show that I am watching live. This should tell you exactly how much television I actually watch live. And when I think about it, live TV in my home is limited. If it's not a movie playing as background noise, or the news, it's on the DVR. My concentration is such that I can't watch a show while my kid is awake. I'd rather take my time with watching my show than chance missing any of it with an interruption or crisis.
Anyway, out of habit, I just tried to fast-forward through a commercial on live TV because I have no patience and prefer my television at my leisure.
ITEM!: It was my suggestion to take the day and put up the outdoor lights this morning and afternoon. Right now, our house's front is fantastically awesome and bright. We've got a ton of lights, because my husband is insane for Christmas lights, so we are, I will say, incredibly festive right now.
ITEM!: I need to get to bed right now, because I need to hit the ground running tomorrow morning. I'm taking down Thanksgiving and putting up Christmas all in one day. This has never happened before. And now that I think about it a lot, I'm all kinds of shaky on my commitment here. Maybe I'll just do the Thanksgiving stuff and bring in the Christmas bins. Oh, I don't know. I'll have to see how I'm feeling tomorrow.
ITEM!: This picture actually is my front porch. There are lights not in the photo, of course. We have several strands running over the garage area, and additional icicle lights. And that's Sydney's light-up dinosaur that Mom bought her a couple years ago without my knowledge. You can't see the rest of the ground lights too well, but they're there. It's all terribly lovely out in front.

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