Monday, December 30

This is absolute randomness

I watched the recording of last night's Kennedy Center Honors this afternoon. Question: Do you think the people being honored are bugged by the other people performing their stuff? Like last night's show honored Herbie Hancock, Carlos Santana, and Billy Joel. Each of these people, as well as the other honorees, had three or four performers doing their own stuff to entertain them. Do you think they ever get bothered by not being able to do the performance themselves? I can't imagine Billy Joel is perfectly happy watching and listening to Garth Brooks or the guy from Panic! at the Disco sing his stuff. (Though her did seem super impressed to see Don Henley on stage.) And even though Shirley MacLaine seemed pleased with the women who performed for her, I wonder how critical she was of their parts, and whether she thought she could have done much better than they did, even now. Or are performers that gracious about people covering their stuff?
These are the things that roll through my brain when I'm watching stuff like this. No doubt, I'll forever wonder about this. I can't imagine the opera lady from last night saying out loud that the performing lady in the green dress was awful, and that she would have sung circles around her all night, if she was allowed to be honored and be on the stage at the same time.

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