Tuesday, December 10

Oh Captain; my Captain?

Let's talk for a moment about Capt. Hook on Once Upon a Time.
This is the part where I confess my secret pirate fantasy, and how this guy -- this particular Captain Hook -- makes me feel all smitten and twitter-pated.
I mean really, he's got the swarthy dark good looks that I'm always drawn to. His voice is all deep and rumbly, and he says awesome things, and he calls people "love" and "mate," which is something that's always been a heart-melter for me. He's a bad boy, in the best way. And wow. And, lest we forget, he's a pirate.
All this adds up to Kimmie having a new TV boyfriend. For a show that, for any other character and/or plot line I could totally take or leave any day, Once Upon a Time has become appointment television, and owns a season-recording status on the DVR. He's dreamy, and there's always a place on my TV for dreamy.
I had thought to make a list right now of who my other TV boyfriends are, but I don't want to diminish the awesome that is Capt. Hook. And also, TV boyfriends is an entirely separate blog post.

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Andrea said...

OMG - I love him too!