Sunday, December 8

Let it be snow, let it be snow

We took Sydney on her very first snow day today. We drove two hours north, to a snow play park north of Flagstaff, and thoroughly enjoyed our day. Syd was amazed, and fascinated, and charmed by snow. She ate plenty of it, fell in a lot more, and ran around in a field of it. We sledded down a hill; threw snowballs at each other; made snow angels; built a snowman, sort of; hiked in the trees; and tackled each other in the powder. And she loved every single minute of it. And so did Brian and I.
Other things about today:
I took a boatload of pictures, so be aware, if you're so lucky as to get a Christmas card from me, that she will be a snowy kid on it. ...  We had several moments of squirrely and sliding Jetta in the snow. I had forgotten how safe I felt when driving the Land Rover in the winter. The Jetta has never felt more not-a-Land-Rover than it did today. ...  Brian bought me a Dunkin' hot chocolate in Flagstaff, and I was happy to remember how much better they taste when you're freezing cold in the snow. ...  Sydney was so tuckered out she feel asleep in the car on the drive home. An hour and 15 minute nap from a seven-year-old? As unheard of as it was awesome. ...  Some girls dress fancy for tromping through the snow. ...  I'm bummed we didn't bring Oliver with us, because he would have loved playing in the snow again, but I'm glad we didn't because he would have gotten tired and wet and cold, and we didn't really have anywhere to put him where he would be able to dry comfortably. ...  I think I'm hitting my limit on Carl's Jr. ...  Sydney and I need real snow boots, because the Uggs (while warm at the outset and comfortable) got soaked through and made our toes cold. This is not acceptable behavior for a pair of "cold-weather" boots. I think there's a waterproofing treatment, yes? I'll look into that first. ...  The exterior of my car is so disgustingly filthy, I honestly can not wait to get it washed tomorrow morning. ...  Flagstaff charmed me today, so we'll be back.

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