Thursday, December 12

I'd rather deal with the snoring. Boo!

It's a noisy house right now. My dog is snoring so loud I can barely hear my television. My kid is coughing so much I think there may be a rogue lung popping out of her at some point tonight. Brian's watching something downstairs, and he's giggling at it. Only one of these sounds is unacceptable to me. I enjoy hearing Brian laugh at stuff. I get great joy from Oliver's snoring.
It's the coughing. It's troublesome. And it will probably be the reason why she'll stay home tomorrow. I doubt she'll get much sleep because of the coughs, and for that, she gets a day at home.
Still, I have errands to run, so she'll get to, to be more specific, be not at school. Damn. I had wanted to go for another hike in the morning. Sick kids are a drag, but if I keep her home and resting all weekend, she'll be good to go in a few days. I do dislike it tremendously when Sydney isn't feeling well. Also, now I have to stay away from her face, which I also don't like doing. Because her face is awesome, and I like being close to it.
Huh. Sounds like Brian's done with his show, and Oliver woke himself up a minute ago. So now the house is only noisy with that one awful thing.

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