Sunday, December 1

December will be rocking the awesome

I'm excited about being festive this year! I was able to host Thanksgiving dinner, and now, I'm looking forward to guilting everyone into coming back for Christmas dinner. I love hosting events at my house. I love having all the stuff to serve people, and to entertain. The cooking ... well, the cooking happens, too, but it's not what I'm about. Give me a caterer and an idea for a fun cocktail, and I'm there. Also, turkey hats.
As of this evening, all the Thanksgiving decor is already put away; and I've done my work for this week, so I don't need to worry about it tomorrow or even Tuesday. For tomorrow, I'm ready and eager to buy my first peppermint mocha of the season to fuel my day of decorating for Christmas. There's a super lot to do. I don't think I'll get all of it done before I get the kid in the afternoon, but I'll make a valiant effort. (I can't decide if I should just plan to split the decorating into a two-day event. I know that would relax me, but my neuroses can't allow it, because it's so messy that it simply must be done quickly.) But, as I said, I'm excited about being festive this year. I can't wait to get those decorations inside.
But especially, the first peppermint mocha of the season.

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