Tuesday, December 3

22 days until Christmas

I think the worst part about December is the countdown.
We have one of those countdown things, where you can change the number of days until Christmas every morning. Sydney delights in this activity, and every morning, I get a very loud and excited update on how many days are left until Christmas. The problem, of course, is that I haven't even started with my Christmas responsibilities, and the constant reminder of how little time I have to accomplish everything is irritating and frightening.
The numbers hang over my head like a very large cloud, somehow shining a spotlight on me to shame me because I haven't started anything. It's like a blaring red neon sign flashing in my eyes for every moment of every day. A constant fog horn sometimes too, reminding me that I haven't done anything every two minutes, with a loud mournful wail.
I am bugged by this countdown, and wish it would just be quiet.

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