Friday, March 30

A nice vacation, and then some

Well, damn.
I had grand plans for that $540 million.
I mean, really. Brian and I made very real plans for that money. We had a a system. A list, too. We had aspirations.
Alas, there will be no plans now. Well, no executions of the plans anyway. I've still got the plans, though. And if, in the next lottery, millions are again available, and I win them, I'll be able to put my plan into action.
And I love it when a plan comes together.

Thursday, March 29

Less is so much more

So, some pretty awesome things are happening to my body lately. It's shrinking.
And it's the good kind of shrinking, too. My pants are looser. And my shirts fit better.
This morning, I put on a sweatshirt that I haven't felt comfortable wearing in about three years.
You all know I've been struggling with my weight lately. I say "lately," but really, it's been about four years I've had issues. I lost all kinds of weight when I was stressed out about the baby. I regained some of that once we settled into a routine. Then, I had the Mirena installed, and my hormones went flippity-flip, and I gained 20 pounds in seven months. I had the Mirena removed, but the weight just stuck. Then, I just kept eating. Now, I lost 10 pounds in the three weeks after moving to Houston because of the stress. But in the last four weeks or so, I've lost an additional five pounds.
You know what works? Exercising and eating better. Well, not really "better," as in more nutritious, but better as in less. I've put myself on a calorie-limit diet, and it's working. Also, I'm in the midst of a bet with the girls, who have turned into a fantastic support staff for the exercising and eating less. We're having fun and cheering each other. It's great.
Also, great? Putting on jeans and having them be loose. Stepping on the scale and seeing a number I haven't seen in a few years. Feeling better because I'm feeling better.

Wednesday, March 28

Dinosaur love is real

I'm reading tonight, and eager to get back to my book.
Also, this might be one of the best things I've ever seen.

Tuesday, March 27

Santa Claus saves the day

I love it when a plan comes together. I "found" an iTunes card, so was able to buy the book I wanted. You remember, the one I wrote about last week.
It's pretty awesome when the clouds part, the sun shines, and I remember the iTunes card.
So, having downloaded the book, I'll be chill for a few days, and not itching for a new tome. (What a random sentence, but I like it.)

Monday, March 26

Cute! Happy! Bright! Flowery!

ITEM!: I've finished my awesome elephant planter! Sydney and I painted the flowers on Saturday, and I did the stems and clean-up work on Sunday. I'm pretty much in love with it, though I am not sure if I want it where I thought I wanted it. I walked around with the thing for a while today, and will probably do the same tomorrow, until I find the best place for it.
ITEM!: Daisy began her diet yesterday. She was, on March 25, a 28-pound Lhasa Apso. She's currently only getting 1.5 cups of her low-calorie food per day (.75 cups at morning and at night). Our goal is 20 to 21 pounds. The vet said it may take us a year to get her there, but with my diligence in this task, it should happen. I hate knowing she's hungry and not having food available for her to eat. It's upsetting me, as a mom. But, this is what's best for her, and I'll be strong for her.
ITEM!: I've finished the final book in my To-Be-Read Pile. A Discovery of Witches, written by Deborah Harkness, has intrigued me since it first came out in hardcover, but I waited for it in paperback before making the purchase. Blame the book for there being no blog post last night. I was up until 1:30 a.m. reading, and while it killed me to get up this morning, I felt better for having gotten sucked into a book. I miss reading. So. What do I do with no books to read? Buy more? I don't have any more Barnes & Noble gift cards. Also, no money. Boo. But since I rarely allow silly things like "no money" stop me from shopping, and more specifically, shopping for books, I shall come up with some kind of a solution to this odd predicament.

Saturday, March 24

Almost a PERFECT analogy

So, it's been almost a year since we moved out of our awesome little house in Scottsdale, and moved into the apartment in Tempe, in preparation for the move to Houston. Of course, all that did not go as well as we had all hoped, but that is (still) another fit for another time.
What's more is that I can't believe how much has happened in the last 12 months. Two moves. Three schools for Sydney. More car issues than I'd like to think about. More credit card debt than I'd like to think about. More than 1,000 miles of cross-country driving. Too much time between visits with friends and family. Trips. Reunion. Wedding. Weather. Age.
I wish I could say that we're better for it, but right now, I don't think we are. Ask me in four or five months and my answer may be different. But that's months from now, and at this moment, I'm sitting at my desk thinking about how much simpler everything was this time last year. And wondering when Brian will get back from coffee, because it's lunch time.

Thursday, March 22

"Hunger"-ing for popcorn

I bought tickets for Brian and I to go see The Hunger Games tomorrow morning. I'm excited, but also kinda nervous, because the book is really good, and I worry about how much crying I may do in the theater. Also, I want popcorn, but it disagrees with my diet. Still, if I don't put any butter on it, it won't be too bad. And I won't eat any breakfast, so the popcorn will be my breakfast. ... But if the popcorn is my breakfast, then I actually could put some butter on it. Decision made: popcorn for breakfast.

Wednesday, March 21

Fewer calories, more healthy

And with that, Miss Daisy is on a diet.
So, this morning, Daisy hurt her leg heading up the stairs from our morning walk. Just last week, she tweaked her back jumping off the bed, or sofa, or something, I didn't see it. When Daisy hurts her back, which has happened a handful of times, it usually takes her a few days to get back into fighting shape, and then all is well. But with her leg today so soon after her back last week, I was more concerned than ever. So we had an appointment with our new veterinarian in Houston this afternoon.
The doctor was very helpful, and explained that most of Daisy's issues (back and leg pain) are more than likely due to her weight (28 pounds), and that she just needs to lose the weight, before any of these problems become chronic or permanent. The hitch in that is, of course, that I have two dogs, and that now I need to supervise feedings, so I'm sure that Daisy gets her new prescription weight-loss food, and Oliver gets his normal, old-man food. Also, even fewer treats, and longer walks in the afternoon. Also, maybe she shouldn't go up the stairs for a while.
The weight-loss goal is eight pounds. This can take anywhere up to a year. I am to bring her into the office once a month for a weigh-in, and we'll check her progress to be sure she doesn't get too skinny. But that is certainly not anything that I'm worried about now. For now, I'm about to put my puppy on the same calorie-counting regimen that I myself have embarked on. We can be bitchy about not having yummy snacks and eating whatever we want together.

Tuesday, March 20

Lemon cupcakes?!?! Gotta try those!

ITEM!: So, basically, having lower-calorie snacks in the house is the way to go when you're looking to lower your calorie intake. Cuties: CHECK. 100-Calorie Packs: CHECK. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches: CHECK. I'm actually kinda proud of myself today. I stood in front of the ice cream section at Target, and rather than grab a pint of Ben & Jerry's (as I wanted), I chose the Skinny Cow. I know that they're good, and that they run about 130 calories per sandwich, but it was still an internal argument between my devil and angel. Today, the angel won. And my booty hollers, "YAY!!"
ITEM!: My inner neuroses has hit a snag. One of the authors that I follow has a new book coming out next week. The problem (in my head) is that all nine of the author's previous books I have are paperback. The entire series, as far as I can tell, is paperback. This new book is coming out in hardcover. I can't wait to read it, but I simply (again, in my head) can not have the 10th book in a series be a different size than the previous nine. It just doesn't make any sense to me (in my head). I also can't wait until October, when this book is available in paperback, to read it. I simply can't wait that long. So, I did some math (always a roll of the dice). Did you know that I can buy the e-book next week, and then get the paperback in October, and still spend less money than buying the hardcover? Solution, you are found.
ITEM!: Elephant planter update: I painted on the first layer of grass around his legs and trunk today. I'll do a second layer tomorrow. I had intended on Sydney and I doing the flowers tomorrow afternoon, but she told me today that I probably wouldn't let her do the painting, so it wouldn't be any fun for her, and that I can just do it myself. While this is pretty true, I did want her to give me some input on where the flowers should go and what color they should be painted. I'll save the flowers for her anyway, and we'll discuss the placement and colors whether she likes it or not.
ITEM!: I like the movie Predators, the most recent of the Predator films, starring Adrien Brody. I had a hard time with Brody's "bad ass" voice the first time I saw the movie, but since then (in repeated viewings, as is my m.o.) I've come to enjoy the film despite/because of it. It's on right now. A perfect background distraction to my blogging and farming.
ITEM!: I've become re-obsessed with my farm, you know. Planting, harvesting and caring for my bits of virtual land has again become a morning and evening activity. I gave it up for several weeks, but got pulled in again a couple weeks ago. Brian thought I was done; as did I. But I fell off (or did I climb back on?) the wagon, and am currently working towards mastering hops, electric lilies. yams, mussels and hibiscus.

Monday, March 19

Today, still wanted by the government...

This is weird: I'm sitting out in the living room on the computer, and Brian is in the bedroom, sitting in my Cozy Chair, reading a book. For reals! He's reading a book because he wants to! And since there's no new Daily Show tonight, I'm captivated by The A-Team, on TV. And not the movie, but the television show, with Mr. T and everyone. What's fun right now is that I totally remember this episode, and it's amazing how cheesy this show is, compared to today's television shows. The acting, not great (I mean the guest stars, not the leads, who are awesome); the action, contrived and inconsistent (all these guns and no one shoots anyone); and the dialog, cliched. Still, I'm sitting here watching it because this show is among the most fantastical ever. also I can't find anything better.
Elephant planter update: And here it is! My elephant planter, all pretty white, and naked. Sydney and I picked up some flower stencils and a couple new paint colors for the final decorations, so he won't be naked for long. I just need to plan out where I want each flower, and which color I want it. Fun project!!

... they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem; if no one else can help; and if you can find them, maybe you can hire, The A-Team.

Sunday, March 18

If only elephants could read ...

I need to get back to reading. I've got a book waiting for me, and it's one that I really want to read. I'm having a hard time just settling down and starting it, though. I've got only that one and one other on my To-Be-Read Pile, but I can't pull the trigger on reading them. I would say, "perhaps tomorrow," but I know I've got my random list of tasks for tomorrow, and reading isn't one of them.
Elephant planter update: Sydney and I applied the second coat of white to it this afternoon. I'm off to Michael's tomorrow to look for paint stencils and some additional colors for the flowers. I'm really very pleased with how it looks so far; almost an entirely different piece! Of course, even though I promised a picture, I still haven't taken a picture yet. Perhaps tomorrow.
I'm going to bed early tonight.

Saturday, March 17

Happy Irish Awesomeness Day!

I always enjoy St. Patrick's Day. It's awesome that so many people celebrate the Irish culture ... by drinking a lot of green beverages and eating Irish food. Spoiler alert: the green beverages are a novelty, and only cost more than normal drinks because of the few drops of green food coloring mixed into them; and, more than anything, Irish food just is not that yummy. I suppose it is, for like, one day a year, but partaking in the Irish cuisine for longer than the one day is painful. And I don't like corned beef and cabbage at all. I prefer bangers and mash, if I must roll with something Irish lately, but back in the day, when I spent two weeks in Ireland, I survived off creamed soups and hot tea. Sure, a steak every once in a while, and perhaps a potato, but on the whole, the food was not great.
So, given a St. Patrick's Day in the United States, I eat what's good to my tummy, rather than the blander cuisine of my Gramps' country. Brian, Sydney and I went to Pei Wei for lunch, and then had some pizza at Chuck E. Cheese for a snack, and then finished up with sandwiches at Subway. Also, doughnuts.
I think though, next year, I'll do better. Sydney was perturbed that we didn't do any "leprechaun things" today. Which is ... what? I don't know. Skipping around a meadow wearing a big, green hat? Drinking beer and eating a potato? Getting into a fistfight in a pub?
My Gramps once told me that leprechauns were the spirits of all the Irish people that had died before us. They're real, and they are everywhere in Ireland -- dancing among the tree limbs, as well as in the bushes along roads and, yes, in meadows. But I can't believe that all the leprechauns are only in Ireland. There are too many awesome Irish leprechauns who would rather hang out here.
I know where my leprechaun is, and I don't need any one day a year to celebrate him. He's my dude every day.

Friday, March 16

Chock full o' ITEM!s

ITEM!: Brian and I bought some paint for my elephant planter today. I ended up using an entire can of spray paint, and will be needing some more, in the painting. But you know what happened as we were standing in The Home Depot debating about the paint colors I wanted for the elephant? Brian had a GREAT idea! He suggested that I just paint the elephant white, and then hand paint on some designs on it. So, here's the plan: white background, and painted green grass at the elephant's feet, and flower stencils going up its legs and truck. You probably can vaguely picture it, but I can totally see it, and it's gonna be awesome.
ITEM!: I'm pleased to note that Daisy is feeling better. Only the goddesses can tell me how I ended up with an overweight dog with back problems, but I did. She tweaks her back, and the little monster is out of commission for three to four days. It's awful, really, to hear her whimper as she moves (usually just the first day and night), comfort her squeals whenever she's picked up (only for bed at night), and saying no to her going downstairs with Oliver and I in the morning and at night (she's stuck with only going potty on the puppy pads). But it's been about four days now, and she's in much better form. She played with some toys this afternoon, and even hopped down, and back up, the stairs tonight. She hasn't jumped up onto my bed yet, though. I hope I can get her on the bed without making her moan about it (she slept on the floor last night, and neither one of us liked it).
ITEM!: Sydney has her first classmate's birthday party tomorrow afternoon. So, I get to meet new people. Honestly, I hate going to these parties. She's still too young for me to drop her off for the party, so I have to hang out. This is bothersome because I don't really like meeting new people with whom I have nothing immediately in common; I prefer to not spend Saturday afternoons at Chuck E. Cheese; and Brian's not going to go with me, so I'll be chillin' and stag for the two hours we'll be there. Upside: I might meet new people, and like them.
ITEM!: It's that time of year again: Attempting to wear a headband without getting a big, fat headache. I'm incredibly frustrated with my bangs and hair lately, as I've noted. So tonight, I thought to hold back my bangs with a headband, and try out that unfailingly uncomfortable piece. Happily, I've gone about three hours with it on and I don't want to throw it across the room. If this works out, I may have a new hair accessory to enjoy. If it holds back the bangs and tames the frizz away from my face, I shall enjoy it immensely.

Wednesday, March 14

Get it? It's an elephant ears plant

I have found a new project for me. I thought of it, partially, this morning while on the phone with Mom.
I have decided to bring in from the storage the little wooden elephant plant holder that Mom had with Daddy, and then was in the dining room in Thousand Oaks and Camarillo. I've had the thing since we moved into the smaller house in Camarillo, and took it to Arizona with me when I moved in with Brian. Since then, the elephant has traveled from Arizona to Boston, back to Arizona, and now, to Texas.
Brian, unfortunately, is not a fan of the elephant. I don't know why not. He's weird sometimes. But I've discovered a nifty place for the elephant to chill -- in the guest room alongside the sofabed. So, the renovation and decor of the elephant has become my new obsession.
It will need a new plant, or two, in it, but the "project" portion of Operation Elephant Refurbishment is fixing and re-nailing in the sides, which aren't stable anymore due to its age and moving so many times, and cleaning it up for inside-the-house living again. But what I think I may have decided to do as well, is paint it. Maybe a basic white? Or should we roll with a color? Purple? Blue? Green? A pattern?
I will, of course, consult with my interior designer, who I keep on staff, for her opinion. But I'm excited for a fun project! Also, pictures will be posted.

Tuesday, March 13

No, no. Not cows! Funnel cake!

I'm trying to get everything done tonight quickly, so I can get to bed soon. Miss Daisy isn't feeling too well, I think she's tweaked her back again, and she won't settle down. She'll only calm down enough if I lay down with her. So, a relatively early bed time is on my agenda tonight.
As for our day, we went to the rodeo, which was awesome. Except that I didn't get to explore the food as much as I wanted. We went on a couple rides, and had some ice cream, but, I won't lie, I was hoping for some funnel cake. So, I attempt to pressure Brian into taking me back on Friday while Sydney's in school.
And in regards to the rodeo, you know how everyone has these weird and stereotypical images of a Texan cowboy, pageant mom, racist or jock? Well, you'll see them all ... they're REAL ... at the rodeo in Houston. For better or for worse, these people are walking around the rodeo, eating cotton candy, drinking beer, going on rides, taking pictures of cows, and being excited about country music. I used to think that LAX was the best place for people watching. As a venue, the rodeo here has the airport beat. It's the best kind of parade sitting on a bench and watching the people walk by. I highly recommend it. I have got to get Brian there.

Monday, March 12

All opinions, all the time

I've gotten incredibly opinionated about women's health issues lately, and I'm okay with that. The newest incident to get me bugged is a story I read about this morning in regards to the cartoon Doonesbury. The writer of the comic, Gary Trudeau, has taken issue with the new abortion laws put in place here in Texas, and created a week-long sketch about it. Some newspapers have elected to not run the sketch. Others have, but put it in the op-ed section. Others still, I'm sure, will run the strip where it belongs, in the comics section. Now, Doonesbury has always had a tendency to get edgy, or topical. Some people like that, some don't. Some don't even read it, and this means nothing to them. Well, I never read the comics, but the news about this particular topic, and then the reaction to it got me perturbed.
Amazingly, I'm not as annoyed at the papers that chose not to run the comic this week (CENSORSHIP!!), as I am at those that put the strip in the op-ed pages (I'm looking at YOU, Los Angeles Times). Duly noted that abortion is a hot topic these days (I still can't fathom why it's a discussion, but let's not get into that again), but isn't every comic an opinion piece? Opinions, of course, are expressions of what a person thinks or feels about something. You can't tell me that there is a comic that doesn't express an opinion about something every single day:
Garfield had an opinion about pizza, Mondays, Odie and naps (good, bad, bad, good, respectively).
Marmaduke had an opinion about barking (pro).
The Family Circus thought kids and parents were ridiculous.
Calvin loved snow, disliked school, liked television, didn't like Susie, and LOVED his male best friend, Hobbes, AND THEY SLEPT AND BATHED TOGETHER.
Cathy thought Irving was good looking.
Every comic is an opinion. It's chicken shit to run a comic expressing a topical and divisive opinion in the op-ed pages. It's more chicken shit to not run the comic at all, but that's for the people who "get out of the kitchen," or who don't care for women's health. I'm posting all of the Doonesbury comics this week on my Facebook page, just because I think every medium that exposes how women's health is being degraded in this country deserves all the attention we can give it. (Here's Monday's; click it to make it bigger.)
STAY AWAY FROM OUR LADY PARTS. (That's my new motto, I think.)

Sunday, March 11

Breaking fast at the "boat" club

I had brunch at my very first Yacht Club today. Honestly, it's exactly like a golf country club, except where there would be greens, fairways and golf carts, there are docks, waterways and boats. (They were nice enough, but nothing that I saw would roll well with the moniker, "yacht.") I had a delicious meal though. I love buffets because you can try a little bit of everything without committing to an order off a menu. Sydney and I ate ... wait for it ... a boatload of food. Surprisingly, my favorite dish was the spinach souffle. Also excellent were the grits (YES!), waffles, bacon, eggs, hash browns, and chocolate cake. So, too, was the glass of champagne I enjoyed. I stayed away from all the fishy things, since it was a breakfast meal for me, but we did try the prime rib, which was a bit overcooked.
All in all, I've discovered that a buffet such as this one is a bad thing for my calorie counting. I gave up counting today. To the point where I even drove through Starbucks and got a mocha for the drive home, because really, why not? What's another couple hundred calories at that point? (Tomorrow, I'm back on the wagon.) It's been a while since I've gone so crazy at a meal, and it was fantastic.

Saturday, March 10

Just a Saturday

It's Daylight Savings Time again. Springing forward tonight.
I downloaded the new iOS for my phone tonight, and it does very little of note.
It rained a lot this afternoon.
We had a yummy lunch, that didn't cost me as many calories as I had feared.
Daisy was so spooked by yesterday's weather that she refused to move from my bed all morning. It was after noon before I put her on the floor and she went outside to pee, her first pee since yesterday morning.
New movies debuting on premium movie channels tonight means new movies throughout the week to watch.
Sydney and I have brunch plans tomorrow, and I'm super excited about them. I miss being social.
I don't get Jon Hamm. I mean, he's a good enough actor, but I don't get the hype and all about how gorgeous he is. Is that because I don't watch Mad Men?
My tummy's growling. It wants a snack. It wants some of those raspberry, dark chocolate M&Ms we got at Target today. The hunger will be denied.

Friday, March 9

Bored, bored, bored

Why is March boring to me? In February, I couldn't stop posting about stuff. So far this month, I'm having a hard time coming up with anything at all. Honestly, my days have been kinda sssllloooowwww.
I did send my resume into a job listing today. Once again, it's something that I would be great for: a managing editor position at a magazine. Everything that I've done before, and everything that I've done incredibly well before, so this would be a really good job for me. Of course, it's also a really good opportunity for about 10,000 other editors out there. So, we'll see if I hear back from them.
I'm bored tonight.

Thursday, March 8

All dentistry, all the time

I do love me some home-done dentistry!
The benefit to having a dentist at home? Being able to say, "You know what? I think I've got a piece of popcorn stuck in my gum in the back. It's bugging me. Will you look?" Of course, then comes the search for the proper tools, i.e., a small flashlight, floss, the picky thing, and the little mirror. Then comes the sighing about, and resignation of, not having anything properly sterilized. Some soap and water later, and he's picked, flossed and peered at my tooth and gum. We didn't find the popcorn perpetrator, but did succeed in irritating my gum, and now I can't stop messing with it with my tongue. I'm sure tomorrow morning it will feel better, simply because I'm coming up on a few hours without bothering it. Not that it hurts. It's just irritated.
The one thing my dentist-husband will refuse to do? Floss my teeth for me regularly. I hate flossing, so just don't do it. Brian makes noise about that, but I say, "You want my teeth flossed? You do it." I mean, really, he did go to school to learn how to do that. So, flossing for maintenance is denied. But if I've got something in particular as a complaint, he's attentive to it.
What came of this though, is that Brian's going to get me an appointment at his office soon. He's never been too impressed with my dental care (even though my teeth are perfect), and is eager to get my teeth into someone else's hands.

Wednesday, March 7

Sleep, beautiful sleep

ITEM!: I think I may get to sleep in my own bed tonight. Brian's feeling better, and hopefully that means he's less contagious. Also, I washed the sheets and pillowcases today, in hopes that I'd be able to sleep in a non-germy atmosphere tonight. Currently, Brian is napping on the sofa (he's feeling that much better), so my odds of sleeping in the bed tonight are excellent. This also will make my dogs incredibly happy. They don't like it when Mommy sleeps on the sofa; there's so little room for them, and it's uncomfortable for all of us to lay together. [Editor's note: This picture is not of my bed. Besides the perfection of it, I would never have an all-white bed with a child and two dogs in the house.]
ITEM!: I decided that I need to be more politically active. I watched the video making its way around the Internets today about Kony, the bad guy in Uganda, and was motivated to take part, and pledge my support for catching this guy. I got irritated that I spout off on the blog and everything, but beyond that, I'm no help, nor is my voice being heard. Since I won't be marching on Washington, or campaigning for office, or screaming from a rooftop, I can at least be a number on someone's Facebook page. I got busy, and liked all kinds of causes and organizations I believe in, including The Humane Society, GLAAD, Planned Parenthood and Barack Obama. This would have been done months and years ago, but my irritation over not being heard kept me from doing even the most basic kind of support for a cause or organization: signing my name to it.
ITEM!: There is nothing that can add fun to a diet more than a competition. A few of my girls and I are in a heated, and sometimes trash-talking, competition to see who can lose the most weight in the next seven weeks. I don't expect to win, though everyone's $10 would be a beautiful thing, but I am eager to see how I'll do. I've been good with my calories for the last couple days, and I've made my way to the gym two days in a row. My goal is 10 pounds. If I make that, it'll be all the reward I need.

Tuesday, March 6

"Tonkling" is a word? Cool

I like hearing my new bamboo windchimes tinkling and tonkling outside my window.
You remember my whole thing about the windchimes outside on my balcony? Well, Brian won the conversation back then, but last weekend, in Galveston, I found the cutest lighthouse-shaped bamboo windchimes. And they are awesome on my balcony. I like the sound of the bamboo; it's less high-pitched, and a bit more tropical. And that's what it's about here in Houston: tropical.
Also, it's a weird thing when Brian isn't feeling well, as right now. He got home at 5 p.m. today, and went right to bed. And he's still sleeping. What's weird is that I am relegated to the living room. I'm not used to having the big TV for my nighttime shows. And the sofa isn't as comfortable for sitting and computering as Cozy Chair. And being this close to the kitchen makes me want to snack. And I don't want to go to my bed to sleep for concern of A) waking him up; and B) getting germs and sick myself. But I slept on my sofa last night, and found it to be an uncomfortable experience. Mainly because my dogs don't know how to handle not sleeping right next to me. But I just yawned, so I need to figure this out soon.
Also, there is -- supposedly -- a new iPad, the iPad 3, being announced and presented to the world some time tomorrow. Will we have to get it? I don't know!

Monday, March 5

That is what it sounded like, really

Duly noted that whatever glitch it was in Blogger's get-along that had my headlines in an incredibly annoying shade of blue has been fixed. This makes me happy because I was hating the look of the blog. But now, it's all pretty again.
I know I spend too much time in close company with my DVR because I just reached for my remote and pushed the fast-forward button while watching a television show in real time. Why, oh why, can't I move through these commercials faster?
Oliver and Brian are both snoring at me right now. For a time, Oliver was winning the loudness competition. But now that Brian's fallen into a deeper sleep, his volume far surpasses Ollie's. I wish I could describe it better, the cacophony emanating from my bed. No kidding, I may end up sleeping on my sofa tonight, both to stay away from the snoring and the germs (Brian's not feeling well). In fact, right now, the sofa is the best idea.

** shuffle, shuffle, movement, movement **

I'm out in the living room now. Oliver and Daisy have relocated with me.
Now, I can hear The Daily Show.

Saturday, March 3

Per Sydney, they rhyme, too

We went to two places awesomer than Houston this weekend.
Austin ~ A college town, and home of The University of Texas, Austin is much more our speed so far as not being totally grown-up yet. It took us about three hours to get to Austin. It was a great drive, with lots of cows, ranches, big houses, and random Texas-ness along the way. We met Treva and Rhea for lunch at The Salt Lick, which is one of Texas' most famous barbecue restaurants. Lunch was incredibly messy, but wonderfully delicious. We wandered around the UT campus, and ended our Austin adventure by taking a tour of the state's Capital building. It was interesting, as most historical buildings are, and a catalyst to my new interest in Texan history. (This is not to say that I am an official Texan. No, no. I just want to know more about Texas. I shall read Wikipedia.) The traffic heading out of Austin was heavy, and it took us an extra 45 minutes longer to get home. The weather was just as warm, but the humidity was noticeably less. Huge points in Austin's favor right there. As well as the attitudinal coolness of the place.
Galveston ~ I admit to being stubborn about not visiting Galveston. I honestly couldn't give you a straightforward thought as to why I have refused a trip to Galveston, but I'm glad that Brian and Mom overruled me this morning in regards to today's activity. The drive was relatively minimal (about an hour probably, but we did have some random construction traffic), and the day was lovely. I had never seen the Gulf of Mexico before, so it was a treat for my adventurous spirit as well. We took a lovely walk along the beach, which was cool, windy and buffeted by turbulent waves. We ventured out onto a granite jetty. We had lunch on the outside patio so we could watch the waves. ... I think Brian and I may have found our key to enjoying Texas in Galveston. It's a fair, but not as cool, alternative to Cape Cod. And the amount of hotel rooms with views of the water make it a great weekend adventure place. I need a hotel that is where we want it, but also inexpensive, and will let us bring Oliver and Daisy. Once I find that, I will have found our monthly, weekend get-away. We thoroughly enjoyed our first trip to Galveston.

Thursday, March 1

It's March, damn it

I think the Hard Rock Cafe needs an app that will let you check off all the places you've eaten at one as you travel throughout the country and world. Mom and I took Sydney to her second Hard Rock for lunch today. The first being Phoenix, of course, and the second, today's, being Houston. The Houston Hard Rock Cafe is just across the street from the Downtown Aquarium. Two places I highly recommend visiting on a Thursday morning when school is in session. We practically had the aquarium to ourselves, and we walked right into the HRC and were seated in a matter of seconds.
We had nachos, which are always good. I had a bacon cheeseburger, and Mom had another type of hamburger. Sydney, as usual lately, dined on battered and fried chicken.
Anyway, back to the app idea. If I had that app, I would totally be able to check off a whole bunch of Hard Rock Cafes. Most notably: Sydney, Australia; London; Paris; and Nashville. I'm gonna write a letter to HRC management tomorrow, or the next day. But also, I need to figure out exactly how many HRC locations I've been to, and write them all down on the blog here.
Update to follow including that information...