Monday, February 2

I want to shop at Gap!

I'm saying it right now: I am seriously starting to chafe over this whole Lack Of American Express situation I've got going on. In the interest of full disclosure, I'll tell you that my AmEx card was confiscated, sequestered and put away, and I'm not allowed to use it for a while. I added the "for a while" in that sentence, actually. I'm sure Brian would prefer I cut the card into pieces, but I say no, the card is a part of me. I can leave it for a time, but its draw is too strong to stay away forever. Back to the point: I want stuff. I would normally buy this stuff, these things, with that credit card. But without it, I am ... impotent ... to fulfill my needs. (What a bizarre collection of words to string together that way.)
This is bothersome.
Honestly, it's bugging me every minute of every day lately.


Anonymous said...

Impotent...good boy Brian.

Kimmie G said...

Come on, Daddy! You're supposed to be on MY side!!