Sunday, March 23

Also, six months of candy

I am so glad that Easter is here. And I'm glad for a purely selfish reason. Tonight, or maybe tomorrow morning, I'll be taking down all my Easter decorations. I'm giddy, to tell you the truth, about having my house be normal. It boggles my mind that, in really every way, the place has been showered in some kind of holiday fluff since October last year. Except for a very brief respite in January, the place is covered in witches, turkeys, Santas, hearts, shamrocks and bunnies for six months straight. Right now, I say thank goodness Easter wasn't in April this year. I enjoy the decorations (I really do!), but at this moment, I am so over them! And yay that nothing will have to be set out until this-coming October!

So, after the series-ending finale this Tuesday, we'll have no more Jericho. While the second season was far from as cool as the first, I still dug it, and would love to know what the writers had envisioned for the next three seasons or so. But, as the cancellation is unchangeable, we'll live with not knowing. Still, the removal of a dark, complex drama on my schedule is regrettable. I like a show that makes me care, just as I love a show that makes me laugh. I guess that'll leave only Dancing with the Stars: The Results to entertain me on that evening.

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