Wednesday, January 30

Just a little off the length, please

Most times, after I've cut some significant length off of my hair, I'm energized, excited and happy that I did it. It's weird that this time, having severed about five inches off my 'do last month, I'm having issues with remorse and some sort of odd guilt. I find that in the morning, I'm wishing that I didn't have to deal with all those too-short-to-pull-back locks of hair. I'm irritated by constantly wrapping them behind my ears to keep them out of my way. Just right now, there is one lock tickling my neck, and I wish it would just grow so it could be forced into submission again.
Why did I get it cut? I know that I talked myself into it. Probably more because I was getting bored with just pulling it back; that's no real hair style. As it stands now though, I am keeping the same hair style, just not as neatly. Hair's flying around everywhere.
So how do I keep myself from falling into the same trap next year, when I decide again that my hair's too long? Would someone please just tell me that it's okay to only cut an inch or so off the length? Because then it's not too long for me to handle, and it can still can be pulled back neatly? Why is it all or nothing with me and my hair? Ack! I'm bugged by it!

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