Saturday, January 26

Tasha, Uniqua, Tyrone, Pablo and Austin

I think I may have submerged fully into the world of children's television. It's no secret, and in fact I'm proud of it, but I'll admit to mine and Sydney's obsession with Noggin, the no-commercial, 24-hour, for-preschooler television station produced by Nickelodeon. Seriously, there's no commercials, and every show is preceded by a notice telling how exactly the show is educational for our kids. I love it. We've got a few favorites, including Jack's Big Music Show, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, Little Bill, The Upside Down Show, and The Wonder Pets! and The Backyardigans (the latter two are recorded daily in the DVR for on-demand viewing). I've got a few I don't like at all: Max and Ruby, Lazy Town, Franklin, Little Bear and Oobi. We do not watch them unless we absolutely must, like when nothing else is working and she's about to go nuclear.
But, back to my drowning. Tonight, I downloaded Backyardigans songs onto my iPod for us to listen to in the car. There, I said it. I recognized several of them, got a giggle out of listening to them as I played on iTunes, and eagerly uploaded the tunes into the iPod as soon as I got them on my computer. There, it's out in the open. Brian knows about it, too. I'm excited to play them for her on our way to Gymboree Monday.
Also, I've added the Backyardigans DVDs to our Netflix queue so we can use them for Sydney's DVD player for long trips. These will be more entertaining for us than the Baby Einstein DVDs because there is fun singing and dancing.
I'm drowning in clever children's programming, my peeps. It's so fun!

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pocketless 8th grader said...

I've got 37 Backyardigans episodes on the DVR. I ended up buying a DVD recorder so that we could copy them for the long trips in the minivan. It ended up being cheaper than buying all the Elmo/Backyardigans/etc. cr@p on DVD.

The Backyardigans remains to be one of my favortie shows, since they integrate a different music genre to every show. Their is some obvious racial bias in the first few seasons (ever wonder why Tasha is a stuck up white chick who always seems to play the brat/evil charectors and Uniqua is the ideal citizen?), but they since seemed to have outgrown that in later seasons. My personal favorite is the Volcano Sisters episode where Tasha and Uniqua are mad and are planning on "erupting" but won't tell the guys why they are mad (and are in fact more furious that the guys keep asking why they are mad). Art imitates life...

anyway.... My friends Tigger and Pooh are also good ones to Tivo (although who came up with the "super sleuths" name? Ever hear a 2 year old try to say that?!?). It traditional Disney fashion, Tigger has some great one liners that are for the adults watching.

Also, if you are a "They might be Giants" fan you'll never get the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song out of your head.