Thursday, March 9

Miracle spring water

I try to not pick on the cults too much, but every once in a while, one opens itself up to my skepticism and inquiry. One such group/prophet came upon my radar screen this morning while Brian was watching TV. B called me into the room to see the healing effects of the miracle spring water (yes, you read that right) being promoted on screen. This "paid program," and its star, Peter Popoff, reverend and living Jesus Christ, were hawking the reverend's book, Prosperity Thinking, and the inclusion of the small vial of miracle spring water that came with it. This water worked miracles, MIRACLES, by curing multiple sclerosis, liver cancer, and by bringing the true believers money to save themselves from financial burdens. AMAZING! and all from a small vial of spring water that came from ... well, nowhere actually. This miracle spring water, apparently, comes from a miracle place that no one knows ... or a tap in Brooklyn.
Anyway, a visit to Popoff's web site brings us to this glowing introduction, "Rev. Peter Popoff, People United for Christ founder, has utilized every media to communicate the supernatural Good News of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit to a lost and dying world. He has exploded onto the Christian scene with an energy for the supernatural and the miraculous move of God to heal and save millions of people around the world. In fact, he has preached around the world, in many crusade services where over 10,000 have come forward in one service to receive Jesus as their personal Savior."
And you too can benefit from the power of Christ, and his water, by e-mailing your prayer, and sending a donation, to either the reverend's address in Upland, Calif., or you can make a credit card donation via the web site.
More fun comes courtesy of the miracle testimonials and the people who claim that the water, or a prayer cloth, was responsible for the cures to their ailments, recent influx of cash, and incredible new ability to live a better life.
Popoff certainly sounds amazing. Him and his water.

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Anonymous said...

Love the name...POP-OFF.