Wednesday, March 8

Cary Grant lived here

I've come across some fun stuff for this sunny, but still cold, Wednesday morning in Boston. (Perhaps a couple will alleviate some of Tara's boredom.)
Anyone who's spent any time even looking at pictures of Queen Victoria would certainly notice that the woman loves her hats. Has anyone actually seen the top of her head? I wonder if maybe she's like Joe Dirt, where she just stitches on the hats every day to cover the hole in her scalp? But anyway, the fun of the hats is seeing them in this big photo montage. I mean really, if the Queen of England can't get away with wearing such a selection, who can?
One of my favorite actresses, Natalie Portman, guest hosted Saturday Night Live last week, and in that episode, spoofed her good-girl image, Harvard education and roll model status for young kids in a gangsta-rap that is rife with bleeped words and hard-core imagery. Check it out here.
This post also wouldn't be complete without some kind of Hasselhoff fun, so here it is for you, his video to "Falling in Love Again." It's ridiculous in its pin-up pictorial-ness. I don't know if you have to have a Yahoo! ID to see it, but if so, those that don't have one are really missing something super!
For those that enjoy both The Sopranos and sudoku, sit back and lose yourself in the hybrid available here. All nine characters need to be in each square and in each line, so it's just like the numbers, but not as numeric; you know, a bit more pictoral.
Are The Simpsons more your scene? The video here is a live-action recreation of the cartoon's opening sequence, done as a promotional piece for the show's new season debut in Britain.
Who's got a digital radio in their car? For some bizarre reason, I have such a thing in mine, and it serves me regularly by displaying the artist and name of the song playing, just so I always know, and so I can pretend to amaze my husband with my incredible knowledge. (It's amazing because most everyone knows that, if it's not U2 or a band whose CD I've bought, I never remember who sings what.) Anyway, most radio stations, when they cut to commercial, dispatch the signal that pops up in the display with just their call letters and maybe, maybe, their little logo text. Not Mike 93.7 FM Boston. They have phrases, questions and such, including: "Do I look fat in these pants?," "Your socks don't match," and "You're singing too loud." It's funny.
This article chronicles the evolution of the map to stars' homes. It's a nifty little story, including an interview with Linda Welton, whose grandfather obtained the copyright for the map in 1933, and whose mother also sold them before entrusting Welton with the task. Welton and her crew sell about 10,000 maps a year. I've done the star route drive a couple times in my life, most memorably with Mom; Brian; and Lisa and Jennifer in high school.


Amy said...

Well, you are just a wealth on information today! The Simpsons clip is a riot--thanks for sharing!

ddy said...

Damn ! She has more hats then me.

Pamela said...

Hhhmmm someone was busy today!

I saw SNL the other night- I thought the gansta video was a riot. And the Star Wars opening.

Love the hats, I wish I could wear hats like that! Hurrah!