Friday, March 31

April avatar

It's absolutely gorgeous out right now! Alison and I just enjoyed our lunches out in the warm sunshine, and right now, all is good in Kimberly's world. To me, there's little better than hanging out at a picnic table, resting in the sun's rays, feeling the breezes, and chomping on some yummy lunch. You know what it reminds me of? Lunch in high school. Lisa knows. It's so liberating to sit in the sun and chit chat about everything and nothing, and just enjoy the fresh air. I'm all over doing that as often as possible now that the Spring weather seems to have fallen on Boston.
And, as today is the last day of March, and I don't really want to do any work this afternoon, I've dressed up my avatar for April. You'll notice that yes, I'm still wearing a jacket (but not a parka or anything) and jeans, but also note that the background better reflects my mood lately -- a library in the sunshine -- and has not a flake of snow in it. That's the goodness I'm taking about!

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ddy said...

Now that's a outfit, I love it.