Tuesday, July 26

She's kind of a big deal

So, today is a big deal.
Right now, currently, at this moment, there is a woman candidate for president of these United States. I honestly didn't know if I would ever be alive to see a woman sit in the Oval Office ... behind the desk ... and I'm pretty giddy with the history that I'm witnessing. And that she rolls the direction I like on so many of my pet causes is the super thick gravy on the whole situation. (If she thought the way Trump does I'd be far less enthusiastic, but still interested in witnessing history. But would there ever be a female Republican nominee? I'm thinking no. The Grand Old Party is chockablock full of penises.)
My daughter, who is 9 years old, has only ever known of an African American president. And she's so excited to have a potential female president, too. For her, it'll never be a question that someone of a color different from the other presidents, or a gender opposite of every other president, couldn't do the job. To her, anyone could be president, because that color barrier and glass ceiling have been broken. It's amazing that kids nowadays will see that anyone can be president, and, if I may deviate for a moment, that anyone can marry anyone they love. (It would be awesome if her right to choose also was guaranteed, so let's get on that and make those other people exit the uterus that isn't theirs. Also, no big guns would be super.)
And while you've probably guessed what my pet causes are, and you're blinded by how bright blue my political leanings are, take a moment and appreciate that a woman, one of the millions who comprise 51 percent of our country' population, is a major party's nominee for president for the first time in American history. I'm looking forward to casting my vote in November.

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