Tuesday, July 12

Oh no, she's just like me

I could be considered a bit of a neurotic person. I have my issues, certainly, and some are fun and some annoying, but they make me into the person I am. I see my mom, and I know that I come by my neuroses honestly. And when the baby girl popped out of me and into the big, wide world, I was intrigued by what her signature issues would be. I have discovered one, and we can't come to an agreement regarding it, as it's in conflict with my own thing.
The thermostat for our air conditioner is upstairs in the main hallway between my bedroom and the stairs, but is in full view of anyone on the second floor. During the summer, the thermostat is in a constant state of flux. During the day when no one is home, it's set to 84 degrees. When I get home, I lower it to 82 degree. When Brian gets home, I lower it to 80 degrees. When Sydney goes to bed, it lowers to 78 degrees, and when I get in bed, I have it set at 77 degrees. It doesn't seem like any of those changes would make much of a difference, but they do. The a/c doesn't have to work as hard because the cooling is incremental. At night, power costs less, so I take advantage.
Anyway, I leave the thermostat's cover open because then it always catches my attention when I'm walking around upstairs, and I remember to lower and raise the thermostat's temperature dependent on the time or circumstance. For Sydney, the open thermostat cover is an irritant, and something that must always be closed. She's said as much to me, and while I appreciate that she has an issue with it, I have to leave it open otherwise I'll forget my own system. Our neuroses are at war. We passive aggressively growl at each other every time one of us has to either open or close the cover. The ridiculousness is that the cover doesn't even need to be open to make the temperature changes; it's just so unsightly that I always notice it, and always remember to mess with it. And then she closes it. And then I open it. It's never-ending ... until summer is over.

[Editor's note: I'm not sure why this image came up in a search for "thermostat images," but it did, and I'm running with it.]

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