Tuesday, July 5

It's a bit early July for an ITEM! list, isn't it?

ITEM!: Come to find out that if my mother-in-law wins the $300 million lottery tonight, she'll still make Brian work by buying him his own practice, but I can quit my job. I love that woman so much, and she makes me laugh so much. I think they'll be coming up here this weekend, and it will be nice to hang out with them.
ITEM!: Annoyingly, I am still coughing from this cold that Brian gave me a couple weeks ago. It's an unproductive and ticklish cough, which is the worst kind, I think. Andrea tells me that Cold-Eeze works best for her when kicking something, so I guess I'll try that in the next day or two. All I know right now is that I'll be taking some NyQuil tonight so I get a decent several hours of sleep.
ITEM!: My gynecologist has left her practice, and is now floating, apparently, in the hospital, not to be found. I received a call from the office a few days ago telling me that I'd need to reschedule my appointment because she wasn't there anymore. I called today to find out where she was, only to be told that she's no longer in private practice. "Well, where is she?" "She's in the hospital now." That is most unhelpful. Is there really a gynecologist who does labor and delivery but doesn't have an office somewhere? So, I'm on the hunt to find my doctor. Mom says I can call the hospital and ask there for her new office information, and I will do that directly.
ITEM!: We are now home to a new and growing pineapple plant, I hope. I took the crown of the fruit that we bought for slicing and grilling yesterday, and I've decided that we'll be growing more pineapples. I read on the internet that I need to root it, so that's what is happening now. It's sitting in a vase of water for the next week or so, and after it roots, we'll plant it and nurture it along. My optimistically logical brain tells me that the pineapple will probably do better in the desert heat than the berries are doing/did. A new project!
ITEM!: Things currently bugging my head, heart and soul include Oliver's eye infections; both Oliver and Cooper's need for a groom and a visit to the veterinarian for check-ups; the new crack in my windshield, and having to get the windshield replaced soon because the crack is spreading quickly; Sydney's new glasses; Sydney's last two weeks of summer camp; how expensive it is to keep my house cool and how I keep my thermostat up so high that I get sweaty watering plants; I was running too late to put the trash out this morning and how that chore should really be Brian's; I had a dreadfully boring weekend, and no one seems bothered by it but me; I don't feel too terribly appreciated at work lately; and finally, I would really rather be living in California.

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