Saturday, June 4

That's not my blooming lavender ... yet

I honestly thought that I posted something the night before last, but I guess I didn't.
I really don't have anything to talk about tonight, either, but I hate going too many days without something up here.
Things for right now:
~ I saw a handbag at Nordstrom yesterday that I really, really, really want, but it's not a practical purchase, so I've resisted. This is making me more annoyed than you can possibly imagine. It's been years ... YEARS ... since I'd found a summer bag that I like. And now I have, and I am unable to afford the f*ckin' thing.
~ There's a catch in the toenail of my big toe, and since said toe is right under my lap desk as I sit here typing, it is bugging me a whole lot. As soon as this post is done, I'm heading into the bathroom to trim it.
~ Speaking of toes, Cooper has been licking the heck out of one of his, and I can't figure out what is bugging him about it. Also, he's totally cute and sleeping right now. Mom is staring at him lovingly, because he's adorable.
~ I downloaded an app to be able to remotely shut down my computer via my phone, but the technology didn't work on my old-ass computer, so the idea and app have been deleted. I'm about to drop the hammer on my kid's computer and phone time, and I'm pretty sure that it will make my summer more miserable than a summer in the desert already can be.
~ I moved my wonderful bougainvillea from the sunny spot on my front porch to the mostly shady spot, as the little darling seems to be getting too much Arizona summer sun. And I'm really not too sure about my raspberries and blueberries. They are ... struggling ... with the summer so far, and we haven't even hit the peak of it. My lavender is out of control, though. I need to figure out when and how that may or may not need to be harvested. Like, I have to wait for it to flower, right?
~ We finished watching season two of Grace and Frankie, and while the premise of the show still is adorable, the execution has lost its charm. Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston were so annoying this season, especially Waterston's character, that I could barely register any feeling beyond annoyance for their plot lines. The same with Lily Tomlin's Frankie, who was crazy and self-righteous throughout. No wonder Jane Fonda's Grace needed to drink for the entire 13 episodes.
~ I'm looking forward to our delicious breakfast tomorrow morning. That's all I'm going to say about that.

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