Wednesday, June 15

I watched C-Span. Such is my commitment

I just spent the last four hours watching C-Span. If my little DVR can help me be counted among the people who are interested in witnessing a filibuster to protect people by making it more difficult for someone to buy a gun, than I'm a happy person. And I did it. I'm proud to be among those that are lobbying for more comprehensive background checks, and for closing the "terrorist loophole."
That a handful of senators are voting so against the will of an overwhelming majority of the American people is a travesty. It shouldn't be an easy thing, to buy a gun. It should be time-consuming, inconvenient, and expensive. It should not be a transaction at Wal-Mart.
I need to find my state senators' email and Twitter and phone, and I need to start making a nuisance of myself. Because I'm tired of people dying. And the senators of Arizona need to hear me.

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