Saturday, June 11

But the plant is what I blogged about

Mom gave me her beautiful split-leaf philodendron a couple months ago, and it's been great (this photo to the left is not it). It has a lovely spot by the windows in the living room, and seems to be enjoying it there. But ever since I repotted it into a larger pot, it's been growing little black bugs that like to fly around my living room. I've done my best with bug sprays, and then ignoring it, and then more bug sprays. But it seems like every time I try something, the problem just gets worse.
The general consensus is that the potting soil I used to repot the plant was all filled up with baby bugs and bug eggs, and they just keep popping out and multiplying. It's gross, really.
Today, we went aggressive with the problem. We pulled the plant out of its pot, rinsed it naked and cleaned its roots, and then repotted it with fresh pot soil in the same pot after we'd rinsed that out, as well. (Brian is a good helper with that kind of stuff.) Right now, the little dude is chilling out on the floor in the dining room, but I'll move it back to its place tomorrow morning, after checking it for bugs. If they're still there though, we may have to say goodbye to the lovely plant. I hate tossing out a healthy, vibrant member of our plant household, but I can't have bugs growing in my house. It's so gross.
And that was the most productive thing I did today ... except for visiting Barnes & Noble and finding about 12 books to add to my library queue. And we went to Costco. And picked up Brian's prescription. And we had lunch at the local pizza joint. ... Okay. I had a very productive Saturday.

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