Sunday, February 21

We made bread, and it's not great

Sydney and I made bread today. I'd never made bread before, not in any way, so this was a new and weirdly scary experiment for me. Honestly, I avoided this project for as long as I could, but it was homework, sorta, so it had to get done.
This afternoon, we mixed the flour, sugar, yeast and warm water. We also added the salt a step too early because Syd was reading the instructions, but whatever. So the salt was in there, and then the oil, and then the more flour, and then the mixing. And then, the kneading. It all went really well, actually, and the 90 minutes of dough rising worked as it was supposed to.
The bread, sadly, is not very good tasting. It is denser than maybe it should be. Also, it's just white bread, which isn't amazing no matter who makes it. But we've all had a couple slices, and the second loaf is in the freezer for next month's trip to California, so it'll get eaten eventually.
But now, knowing how relatively easy this was, I may be inclined to try it again, but with better bread beginnings and a flavor or two involved, as well. It's way irritating to spend the day making something that turns out not too awesome. I think I'll drizzle some honey on it tomorrow. That'll taste yummier.
We made bread. Crazy.

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