Friday, February 12

I'm feeling poorly, but the car is fine

FRIDAY MORNING, PART 1: So, I’ve been infected with the crazy sickness that’s been floating around the fourth grade this week. (Brian has it, too, just so you have an idea what my house is like right now.) I got an email from the school on Monday telling me that 15 children were out sick that day because of an upper-respiratory infection that’s been going around. Two teachers had it, too. Sydney exhibited minimal symptoms of it, with only the runny nose, really, so I didn’t feel too bad about sending her to school this week. She’s been feeling much better the last couple days, so I had thought that this would be the end of it.
But then Brian started feeling crappy. And then last night, like a horrible, horrible surprise, I started to feel crappy, too. One half of my nose is all sinus-y and gross, and I can feel the thickness in my throat. I was so cold last night, and I could not get warm, which to me is a sign of bad things coming. I took only half of my NyQuil, so I wouldn’t be too groggy in case Oliver needed me in the night, so I didn’t sleep too well, either. This morning, I succumbed somewhat and took some DayQuil. And for the first time in a long time, I need to be careful of myself at a workplace, so I don’t get anyone else sick, too. I’m in no good place for this right now.
FRIDAY MORNING, PART 2: I took my car into the shop last night, and got the word this morning in regards to its health: Faulty oxygen sensor in the outgoing portion of the engine. Honestly, this is among the least horrible things I thought Michael would tell me, though the $400 price tag was still a bit shocking. There also are two leaks in the engine, but we’ll deal with those at a later date. Currently, I just need to get that check-engine light off my dashboard. Ideally, the car should be ready this afternoon, and then life will move along.
But on the whole, he said that my little Jetta is in super good shape for having 103,000 miles on it. I need to get the shit taken care of, though. It needs its 100,000-mile service, too. These are the kinds of things that my paycheck was supposed to be available for, but the upcoming weeks will be tough, and we’ll need my pay for awesome stuff like … food.
Still, at least the car will get fixed, and the tires will be rotated tomorrow morning, so all in all, I’m okay with the state of the car today.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON, PART 1: The car repair called me just as Brian and I were finishing up our lunch to let me know that the car was ready. I’m always so amazed at how I can, in my head, turn the entire car bill into a however-much-expensive "car wash" it is.
Because honestly, the car wash is about the only tangible thing I get out of the visit to the shop, isn’t it? I can say, finally, at least the car is clean. So, the car wash and the joy of not seeing a light on the dashboard. That was totally worth the bill, and the interest incurred (written with sarcasm). But the pit in my stomach that is omnipresent when the car is lit up is gone though, so, happy weekend.
FRIDAY AFTERNOON, PART 2: I just took my second dose of DayQuil for the day. That and the rest of my tea should help me not fall asleep at my desk this afternoon. The sunshine coming through my window will not help, though. Sickness bugs.

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