Wednesday, February 10

A question to which there is no answer

Sydney was conducting a search on Google this afternoon when, after inputting the first letter, a “d,” the auto correct suggested “Donald Trump” as her possible search phrase. And then came the question, “Who is Donald Trump?”
How on earth do you answer that question? My goodness, who IS Donald Trump? I don’t think anyone knows, least of all me, a person on the fringe of politics and no one at all in his sphere. But alas, when your kid asks a question, you do your best to answer it, right?
“He’s a man who’s running for president, who is campaigning on a platform of fear, and prejudice, and disrespect for people.”
Haha! How was that? I elaborated, telling her how he wants to shut people out of the country based on their home land or their religion. That he has been disrespectful of women on many, many, MANY occasions. And that he seems to be more interested in telling people what they should be afraid of, and who they should blame for their problems, rather than leading them in a more positive direction by offering solutions to the country’s issues. I explained that he was very popular with a big group of people who also feel this way, but that even though his followers were many, my hope was that common sense and tolerance would prevail, and that he would not win. Did that come off too Democrat? Regardless, I believe what I told her. The man's stump speeches are insanity, and we can only hope that more people come out to not vote for him than do.
I'm intrigued and frightened that perhaps this will be the presidential campaign that may color her experiences for presidential campaigns to come. And wouldn't that be a thing? To be able to look back on this campaign as the crazy anomaly? Here's hoping.

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