Thursday, October 8

You really do ruin everything

ITEM!: I killed a mosquito in my car this afternoon. It was in my car. Super annoying, right? And totally uncalled for. How does a mosquito get in my car? And how does that particular mosquito manage to bite my leg four times before I was able to kill it while it attempted to feast on my knee? So, thanks to that little bug, I've got four itchy spots on my lower left leg. And I hate, hate, hate having itchy spots.
ITEM!: I baked the last of the chocolate chip cookies from the tub of dough I had in the fridge from Costco. Also, we've bought our first load of Halloween candy. Those cookies and the 3 Musketeers are my downfall, for sure.
ITEM!: It's not cool enough to have open windows tonight, and I'm a bit resentful of that. The last couple nights have been delightful. And the mornings have been glorious. I am so over the summer, you guys. And having been teased with the possibility of cooler weather has me all anxious and antsy to be more comfortable in life. Autumn, make it happen, my friend.

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