Saturday, October 3

Random pizza and a beer festival

I ate chicken and waffles pizza today, you guys. It sounds super intriguing, right? It had a gravy and maple syrup sauce, with a thin layer of cheese, of course, but then bits of fried chicken and bites of waffle on it. I mean, we started with the regular cheese pizza, of which Sydney ate almost all. And the chicken and waffles pizza was my random choice. It was good.
We ate pizza while the rest of our group was across the street in a bar that Sydney wasn't permitted to enter. Sure, that sounds like it should be a no-brainer -- no children in a bar -- but most places allow kids in with their parents and whatnot because obviously they won't be drinking. The pizza place was a bar that let Sydney in for lunch. We've taken her so many places. For cripes sake, she hung out in a Hooters when she was five.
It made me irrationally, and rationally, mad at the bouncer in the bar across the street, and then I got annoyed at the rest of our group for settling in there instead of anywhere else. But anyway, our delicious pizza put us in the right frame of mind for the rest of the afternoon.
Today was Tour de Fat in Tempe. We attend every year, and have a good time at it. This year, I even remembered to bring along a couple parasols so we'd have shade with us everywhere. We brought a water bottle to refill throughout the day, too. I was much better prepared for this year's Tour de Fat than I ever have been before. Sadly, Sydney's sickness from the week was a bit of a killjoy, and she and I ended up leaving early because she got tired and overheated. But I got to cheer on the bike parade, and have a couple beers, and hang out with the family, and have fun with the kiddo.
And I had a completely random and awesome slice of pizza. All in all, a great day!

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